Inspired by the works of Lewis Carroll.
Taking place during the 1850s, young Alyss survives a fire that ravages her English home. Tragically her parents die in the fire,leaving poor Alyss alone and scared in the dead cold of winter. She lived at St. Michaels Orphanage for four years. It was during those four years she went on many adventured to the bright world of Wonderland. There they held tea parties, played croquet, and ran through fields of flowers. However as she got older she was eventually adopted by the Liddle Family. As she grew older she forgot about Wonderland and her residents. Till one night when a stranger came to her window still. He purred and smiled…

“Come with me, Alice… Come with me to Wonderland…”

Now enter a world where your nightmares can come true. Dare to follow young Alyss with Cheshire and the White Rabbit as they plot stop the evil Reds and their wicked doings and bring Wonderland back to its former glory… Only one way to get there though…and that’s down to the rabbit hole.
Welcome to Dark Wonderland.


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